Prior to joining Range Design & Architecture in 2009, Patrick spent several years working in Chicago firms, gaining a breadth and depth of exposure to various aspects of the field. He first worked at Nicholas Clark Architects where he focused on residential projects which ranged in scale from single-family homes to multi-family developments and included both new construction and renovation work.

He then gained international experience at Built Form Architecture where he worked on large-scale, mixed-used projects located in Sochi, Russia and Doha, Qatar. Patrick serves as designer and project manager at Range Design & Architecture and is currently in the process of working towards architectural licensure.

Patrick graduated with honors from Montana State University in 2003, earning a Master’s degree in Architecture.


Casimir Kujawa is the principal of Range Design & Architecture and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture.

Prior to founding Range Design & Architecture, he spent eight years with the distinguished Chicago firm, Frederick Philips and Associates working on a variety of building types including cultural retail, and urban design as well as single-family residences.

Notable projects included the Tower House (Architectural Record October 2002) and Glade House (AIA Housing Award). Casimir graduated with Honors from Montana State University, Bozeman with a Masters of Architecture.


Mason Pritchett is a licensed Architect and works as a designer and project manager at Range Design & Architecture. His professional experience includes residential, institutional and cultural buildings while at Charles Rose Architects, and design and fabrication of small structures, furniture and sculpture with Medicine Hat Inc.

In 2007, Mason won the Rotch Traveling Fellowship to research architecture in Brazil, China and India. Joining Archeworks as a faculty member in 2009, he co-directed the Mobile Food Collective project featured in the 2010 Venice Biennale American Pavilion. Mason graduated with Honors from Montana State University in 2003, earning a Masters’s degree in Architecture.

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Forming Generation Development, LLC in 2009, Chris saw an opportunity in a market when others were closing their doors. His appreciation for clean, modern design and innovative solutions help fuel success of the firm.

Chris gleaned his experience from his years in the construction field of a Fortune 500 homebuilder managing the construction of more than 500 homes to date. Rising up through the company, Chris fulfilled opportunities in the product and project management nationally for the homebuilder. Branching out, Chris furthered his experience in a national sales position for a privately held national building product distributor.

With two beautiful children and a wife he adores Chris treasures the time outside the office in beautful Denver, Colorado.